Who are we

In response to the appeal of Saint John Paul II for the New Evangelization, a group of families formed the Save Me O Holy Queen, by the Grace of Jesus campaign.  This new missionary work was favoured by Our Lady and quickly spread across the whole country.

Inspired by Church documents showing the deep roots of devotion to Our Lady in the piety of the Canadian people, the Save Me O Holy Queen, by the Grace of Jesus campaign (Heralds of the Gospel Canada) is dedicated to promoting devotion to Mary through all of Canada, as the surest path leading to Jesus Christ.

The Church needs effective ways of bringing the Word of God to a country of such continental proportions as Canada. The Vatican has encouraged the faithful to use modern methods of mass communication, including the internet and direct mail to promote and encourage evangelizing activities.

By participating in our various campaigns and initiatives, the subscriber becomes a member of a spiritual family uniting thousands of Canadians. Being the child of Mary in a world filled with dangers is a pledge of salvation. Since its beginnings, they have worked closely with the Heralds of the Gospel. Although the entities are independent in the foundation and juridical constitution, they have successfully collaborated in evangelizing initiatives.